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We are proud of our products.

Each product in our salon is consciously chosen.

From the towels we use, to the packaging on every product, we have made an ethical choice to choose sustainable options, and where we can, we have supported Australian companies.


Davines believes in the balance between beauty and sustainability.
For Davines, sustainability represents "the brand’s responsibility to ourselves, the people we work with, our customers, and the world in which we live and operate".

They have committed to zero impact packaging, 100% renewable energy for their offices and factory and pride themselves on never using animal testing.
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CPR is an Australian owned and family operated haircare research, development and manufacturing company.
It uses natural ingredients to create incredible hair products all of which are sulphate free.
Pure formulas use modern, clean and green ingredients. They have developed and continue to develop safe, gentle and sustainable products. Pure products use organic ingredients that are 100% certified.
They strive to achieve the perfect balance of nature and science, substituting synthetic ingredients with natural plant-based alternatives.
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